Want a Ticket to a Great Concert Seat?


Just Follow Concert Entrance Procedures

The entrance gate to the North Beach facility will open at 6 a.m. Access to the Concert Bowl area will commence at approximately 6:30 a.m. or as otherwise determined by the LMVA staff. Members accessing the facility by car will be allowed to park in the Fishermen's parking lot and assemble in the Administration lot along with the pedestrian traffic prior to 6:30 a.m. Members arriving by boat will be allowed to tie up to the dock in front of the Maintenance Building. Access to the Concert Bowl area will be conducted via a lottery style system, therefore, THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO LINING UP PRIOR TO 6 a.m.

The Lottery Process is as follows:

1. Randomly numbered wristbands will be distributed upon the opening of the facility, or as otherwise determined by the LMVA staff. Members only! You must show your I.D. card to get a wristband.
2. Wristband pick up will be at a designated location in the main parking lot.
3. One wristband per person. It must be attached and worn.
4. Distribution will continue until designated time.
5. ONE BLANKET per person (no tarps) allowed in the park. No chairs allowed until after process is complete.
6. At a designated time, randomly selected groups of numbers will be called. Once called, members will proceed to a holding area. Wristbands will be verified and then the group will be allowed to set up in the park.
7. This process continues until all groups have been called.
8. At the conclusion of the Lottery Process, the park will open to general use and chairs may be brought in at this time.

Chairs abandoned along the sidewalks adjacent to the North Beach facility entrance will be confiscated.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping to make access to LMVA CONCERTS a safe and pleasant experience for members and guests alike. For updates call the Concert Hotline at 770-1313, press 8.



Summer Concert Series:

1. During the summer concert days at North Beach, LMVA members may bring up to four guests per household, this includes children. Guests must enter with the member. Guest lists are not permitted on Concert Days. (see "Concert Day Guest Pass").
2. A fees for each guest, including children, applies.
3. A Guest fee at East Beach also applies on concert days.
4. All glass containers will be confiscated! Coolers, baskets, and bags will be checked upon entry to the concert/park area.
5. The Membership Office hours are from 6am - 4pm on concert days only.

Other Concert rules:

1. No glass containers for drinks or food. All coolers, baskets, and bags are checked upon entry to the concert/park area.
2. CONCERT guest policies apply: Limit of 4 "Concert Day Guest Passes" per member household. $15.00 per person at North Beach. All LMVA members must have I.D. card.
3. Only short and low-back beach chairs are permitted.
4. Get your spot early. Events are popular.
5. Remain seated once the concert begins.
6. No tents or canopies after 6 p.m.
7. No smoking in bowl area. Be courteous to those around you.
8. No personal barbecues. Use barbecues in designated areas only.
9. Please pick up after yourself. Trash cans are available.
10. Use minimum space on lawn, there are many people to seat. Use small blankets and towels. No ground tarps or vinyl backed blankets allowed.
11. When parking lots fill, cars will only be allowed to drop-off passengers.Overflow parking is available on public streets.
12. No pets are allowed.

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Sunday Jan 1st 2023 Polar Bear Plunge