Employment at LMV

Job Title Full/Part Time Start Date End Date Vacant
Aquascaper Part Time No
Assistant Accountant Full Time No
Boat Rental Clerk Part Time 03-01-2020 No
Code Compliance Officer Full Time No
Code Compliance Officer Part Time No
Dock Attendant Part Time No
Dock Operations Technician Full Time No
Facilities Supervisor Part Time No
Gate Attendant Part Time No
Gate Supervisor Full Time No
Lead Dock Attendant Part Time No
Lead Park Attendant Part Time No
Lifeguard - Seasonal Seasonal No
Lifeguard Lieutenant Full Time No
Lifeguard Part time 30 Part Time No
Maintenance Assistant Part Time No
Maintenance Specialist Full Time No
Maintenance Technician Full Time No
Marina Operations Supervisor Full Time No
Membership Assistant Part Time No
Membership Counselor Full Time No
Park Attendant Part Time No
Sales and Events Associate Part Time No
Sales/Activity Clerk Part Time No
Snack Bar/Food Service Seasonal No


Applicants must be at least 16 years old, eligible to work in the United States and have a Social Security number and photo identification. If a minor, you must obtain a work permit. Applications are available online and at the Beach Bag in the Administration Office.

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