Day of Week Saturday
Date June 24th, 2017
Time 7 PM

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees and band co-founders Jerry Martini and Greg Errico are joined by Phunne Stone (daughter of Sly Stone), Cynthia Robinson, Alex Davis, Blaise Sison, and Nate Wingfield in this dynamic, funky, and energy filled show that celebrates the music of one of rock’s most ground breaking bands. Pivotal in the development of soul, funk, and psychedelic music, the band was the first major American rock band to have an integrated line- up. They bring you their chart topping hits as THE FAMILY STONE.  The Family Stone brings a message of peace, love, and social consciousness through musical harmony with some of the funkiest players of all time.
Together they present an explosive set of psychedelic funk hits and the raw, unfiltered original sound that has been sampled and covered by major artists around the world. Legendary anthems like “I Want to Take You Higher,” “Everyday People,” “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin,)“ “Dance To The Music,“ “Hot Fun In The Summertime,“ “Family Affair,“ “Sing a Simple Song,“ and many other instantly recognizable tunes from their vast catalog of albums including STAND, which was declared a National Treasure in 2015, make this a dynamic show not to be missed.


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Day Date Events
Tuesday 9th May 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
Sunday 14th May 2017 Sunday with the Symphony
Tuesday 13th Jun 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday 24th Jun 2017 Concert 1, THE FAMILY STONE
Saturday 8th Jul 2017 Concert 2, SMASH MOUTH
Tuesday 11th Jul 2017 Board of Directors Meeting