Discipline Guidelines

The Board of Directors, directly or through the General Manager or an appointed designee, may revoke a member's access to LMVA Property for a period of time, minimum of 24 hours, if the Board determines the member's actions are causing, or may cause immediate harm /danger to a person, private property and/or LMVA Property.

Except in an Emergency, member discipline (as described above), shall be conducted in accordance with the Civil Code and all LMVA Governing Documents.


LMVA utilizes the Lifeguard Patrol and Rescue and Compliance Departments to enforce the majority of LMVA rules and regulations. A Citation/Fine Program has been implemented to enforce LMVA Rules and Regulations. Current violation and fine ($) structure is on file in the LMVA Office and online. Management, their designee and/or the Lifeguards may approach members and their guests in the parks and on the water regarding LMVA rules. These contacts are made out of concern for safety, the protection of property, and individual member's rights. Members are responsible for the violations of their guests.


1. Rule advisement may be a verbal and / or written warning.
2. Violations of LMVA Rules may be met with a citation and a fine. If there is more than one violation per citation, there will be a fine for each violation.
3. Any serious violation of an LMVA rule (i.e. violence, theft, abusive behavior, trespassing) will be subject to a fine, immediate expulsion and suspension of LMVA privileges for a specified period of time to be determined.

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