Current Fishing

The Trout are HERE!

1st stocking was in the early morning on Tuesday November 14.



We will give the Trout a few days to acclimate so there will be

NO FISHING ALLOWED from Stocking Day, Tuesday, Nov. 14th

until Trout Season Opening Day on Sat., Nov. 18 @ 6:00 AM.


There will be no fishing allowed on Trout Stocking Days this season.


Trout Stocking for the 2017-2018 Fishing Season:

CLICK HERE for the 2017-2018 Trout Stocking Schedule

(please note that dates are subject to change)



Fishing conditions are very good.  We had a good Summer with Tilapia and Catfish.

After a difficult Trout season last winter, we were able to start our summer stocking in July.  Tilapia and Catfish were planted throughout the summer and the Tilapia bite really took off in August.  Tilapia fishing continues strong with limits being caught off of rental boats each weekend thru the end of October!

 A disappointing 2016-2017 Trout Season closed in March due to a resurgence of Golden Algae.  USC biologists, with expertise in Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB's), have recently completed tests at Lake Mission Viejo trying to reduce the effects of Golden Algae on the lake's fishery.  It is hoped that lower salinity levels in our new water source, Advanced Purified Water (APW), will provide a less hospitable environment for the brackish water loving Golden Algae in the future and provide us an opportunity to begin rebuilding the vibrant Lake Mission Viejo fishery. Golden Algae is NOT harmful to humans or other mammals and water conditions are excellent, with active use of the Lake and swim areas daily.


We had multiple stockings of Tilapia, Channel Catfish, Redear Sunfish and some Fathead Minnows and Golden Shiner Minnows (feeder fish) throughout Summer 2017.  The Tilapia did very well over the Summer 2017, resulting in many spawns from early summer stockings.  These little guys are still too small to keep but should be all grown up for next year. This summer's catfish stockings also resulted in the First EVER Catfish Spawn.  You may be able to spot some of these baby 'cats' if you are lucky!


Limits were caught throughout the Lake during summer fishing!  Anglers were coming down after work for evening sessions of 'cat' fishing as well as catching their limits on Tilapia!  Worms were working best for both the Tilapia and Catfish and Market Cove proved to be the "HOT" spot on the Lake.


Frequent Lake monitoring and regular water testing will continue at the Lake, as it always has to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience at Lake Mission Viejo.


Fishing updates will be posted here promptly.



For more information on Golden Algae, click on this link:  http://www.lakemissionviejo.org/fishing/LMVgoldenalgae.pdf



Lake water conditions are excellent, with the exception of Golden Algae.  GA levels came down at the start of summer and have remained down.  Staff monitors the water conditions daily, tests fish viability weekly and samples for Golden Algae counts every other week.  Summer stockings of Tilapia and Catfish went well, resulting in Tilapia spawns throughout the summer and the Lake's First Ever Catfish Spawn.  There were no signs of a spring spawn from the remaining Bass population.

The Lake and daily fishing open at 6AM on weekends and 8AM on weekdays

  * Fishing is always free for members

  * Guest fishing costs a combined $12 for a Guest Entry Pass and Guest Fishing Pass

  * Guests must be accompanied by members while visiting Lake Mission Viejo

  * Five-passenger Gregor fishing boats are available for rent at the Tackle Box Boat Rental Shop

Day Date Events
Saturday 18th Nov 2017 40th LMV Trout Opener
Wednesday 29th Nov 2017 Fishing Club Meeting
Saturday 2nd Dec 2017 Santa’s Arrival & Snow Day
Sunday 3rd Dec 2017 Fishing Club Tournament
Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
Friday 29th Dec 2017 Kids Fishing Derby

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