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Matt Stigna
Matt Stigna's 8 lb Bass - Large pictures here.

Anthony Magno
Anthony Magno's 8 lb. Trout - Large picture here.

Jeff Moon
Jeff Moon's 11 lb. 2 oz. Trout - Large pictures here.

Amber and Zeid Nesheiwat
Amber & Zeid Nesheiwat's 8 lb. Trout - Large picture here.

John Blum
John Blum - 8 lbs 6 oz rainbow trout. - Large picture here.

Visit Lake Mission Viejo's Angler Gallery for more Big Fish stories & photos!

No fishing until Sat. at 6am
37th Annual Trout Opener at 6am


*open to fishing today
Annual Kids' Fishing Derby






  • Please note that these are tentative dates and are subject to change. Any changes will be announced on this page.
  • The Lake is closed to all fishing from the start of stocking for the rest of the day.
  • 2014/15 Season Trout Stocking Schedule - PDF download - 114k


Trout Season Just Around the Corner
Much like the fabled Masters Golf Tournament, LMV Anglers enjoy annually “A Tradition Unlike Any Other. ” The 37th annual “Opening Day of Trout Season” is fast approaching. 8,000 pounds of beautiful rainbow trout are scheduled to be delivered prior to the Saturday, November 22nd Opener. For decades, anglers have lined up in the pre-dawn hours of each opening day, all dreaming of landing their first trout of the new season.

This year (like so many before) has been planned to provide both quantity and quality trout angling for lake anglers. Biologist Tom Buckowski and his staff have carefully planned a schedule of stockings from both Mt. Lassen and Chaulk Mound Trout farms that will once again please many LMV anglers. When we do stock the Lake with 8,000 pounds from Chaulk Mound Trout Ranch in northern California, fishing will be closed from the initial stock until 6:00 am on the 22nd. The next stock of trout is scheduled for the week of December 1st-5th, when an additional 4,000 pounds of trout will be delivered. Following each stocking, the Lake will be closed for the remainder of the day. This allows the fish to spread out and acclimate to the Lake conditions.

Remember to shop ahead at the (also) well-stocked LMV Tackle Box where all the latest trout lures and baits are on sale well before Opening Day.



** LMV rules prohibit anglers from fishing within 15 feet of any private dock, bulkhead, or beach area around the lake. Lifeguards strictly enforce fishing rules, thus providing a safe and enjoyable fishing experience for all LMV members. Thanks to your cooperation, LMV now enjoys World Class bass fishing status!

** The Lake's Bass slot limit has changed. You must now release any Bass larger than 14". You may keep any Bass smaller than 14". During the annual spawning season, between March 1st and June 1st, ALL bass must be released immediately to the spot where they were caught. (please review all Fishing Rules)



The LMV Fishing Club will hold the first meeting of the season on Wednesday, December 3 at 7:00 pm in the Lake Administration building. Meetings and fun tournaments run from December through March of each year. Come on down and join in on all the action.

LMV Fishing Club anglers have enjoyed another banner year of tournament fishing. Warm, dry weather combined with very little wind has kept the lake crystal clear with smooth water conditions through most of the winter. Trout have been caught all over the lake, but anglers concentrating out in deeper water have the best luck. Mini Jigs, Berkley Power Worms and the traditional power bait rigs have all been successful during the season.

For more information about the Fishing Club or trout stocking/fishing schedules, please call 770-1313, ext. 235.


  • Members must have their LMVA ID card in order to rent boats.
  • ID cards must be displayed at all times while fishing.
  • Guests must display their Guest/Fishing Pass while fishing.
  • Trout limits are 4 fish per person per day.
  • All trout must be kept (“Catch and Release” not allowed with trout at LMV).


* Annual Kids' Fishing Derby photos are viewable in the Events Gallery.


Topographical Map of Lake Mission Viejo (large image)

Fish of Lake Mission Viejo: Pictorial Guide 1 | Pictorial Guide 2


Download the above latest Fishing News, or call LMV's fishing king, Dave Kerr (also known as Manager of Administrative Services) at 770-1313, ext. 213 or email

Sept/Oct 2014 Update - 153k
Mar/Apr 2014 Update - 167k

Dec 2013 Update - 46k
Nov 2013 Update - 46k
Oct 2013 Update - 46k
Feb 2013 Update - 49k

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